Thursday, 6 October 2011


~Methods used to improve the quality & quantity
  of food production.
    hydroponics is a commercial technique for growing certain crop plants in culture solutions rather than soil.The roots of the plants are immersed in a solution which contains all the MARCONUTRIENTS & MICRONUTRIENTS required by the plants in the correct proportion.The plants are supported by a medium such as pebbles.The culture solution is aerated to provide sufficient oxygen for respiration.

   aeroponics is a modified technique of hydroponics.In this method, the plants are suspended in a special chamber with the roots exposed to the air.Nutrient solutions are sprayed onto the roots of the plants at suitable intervals.This enables the plant roots to absorb more oxygen in between the periods of spraying.
   Almost all types of vegetables like spinach, lettuce, tomatoes & chillies can be cultivated by using hydroponics & aeroponics methods.Both methods have a lot of benefits compared to planting in soil.Light intensity & temperature can be controlled to ensure that the environmental factors are at an optimum level for maximum growth.The plants can be grown all year round & higher yields can be obtained.Plants achieve faster growth because the culture solutions provide nutrients in a form that can be readily absorbed by the roots & used by the plants to carry out various living processes.
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(text book Biology Form 4, page 140)
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